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Integrated University Management System (IUMS)

IUMS is comprehensive management system that convenience to the user that need fast, current and clean data.

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Personnel Information System (Sistem Maklumat Personel)

SMP ensure the effectiveness of storage and dissemination of information quickly, accurately and efficiently in units of university department.

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Student Academic System (Sistem Akademik & Pelajar)

This system allow university academic affairs to organize and manage student academic information.

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Data Warehouse IPT

Integrate heterogeneous sources in the data warehouse and data mining to produce report, graph and analysis information.

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Research Innovation Integrated System

Research data collection system developed by using the database 'web based' which facilitates data accessible online.

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This system keeps public profile and provide the application process to attend Pre Wedding On-line, Application for Marriage On-line, On-line Consulting and other services.

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Alumni System

This system stores the information of alumni, donors and keep records of the amount received. The system also as a center for spreading the program to be carried out.

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Entrepreneurial Mapping and Entrepreneurial Knowledge Management System

This system is for the ministry to make an inventory of activities / IPT entrepreneurship program systematically.


We have full in-house staffs of experienced trainer, database designers and engineers which enabled us to take full control of the project and schedule of deliverables to mee the expectatiions to deliver your system by using the latest technology in system development.

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